Tuesday on TV: “The Voice” continues, and ex-Utahn shocks the judges
Published: October 30, 2012 03:02PM
Updated: October 30, 2012 03:04PM

Former Utahn Loren Allred finally got a showcase on The Voice on Monday, and blew everyone away.

Her performance of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” floored the judges - Blake Shelton said it was one of “those moments that happen ever now and again when a star is born on that stage.. Christina Aguilera gave her a standing ovation and said, “Where have you been all my life in this competition?”

Adam Levine admitted, “I was pretty sure I was going to choose Nicole [Nelson],” but he chose Loren to go on to the next round of the competition.

The knockout rounds continue at 7 p.m., on NBC/Ch. 5; Allred and the other contestants who make it through will perform on the “live” episodes next week. (Those episodes are, of course, tape-delayed in this time zone.)

Elsewhere on TV ...

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Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars (7 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4); More eliminations.

The Voice (7 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): The knockout rounds continue.

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Happy Endings (8 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Dave and Alex are driving their real-estate agent crazy.

New Girl (8 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): Jess gets a job as a zombie at a haunted house.

Emily Owens, M.D. (8 p.m., CW/Ch. 30): Emily has to speak to students about safe sex.

Don’t Trust the B.... in Apartment 23 (8:30 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): June thinks Chloe is trying to ruin Halloween.

Beehive Spirits (8:30 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): An entertaining, informative look at the past and present of alcohol in Utah.

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