Dunn's achievement unmatched
Published: October 30, 2012 12:16PM
Updated: October 30, 2012 12:16PM
The Utes finally received confirmation that Reggie Dunn's two 100-yard kickoff returns against Cal was indeed the first time a player has had two 100-yard returns in a game.
Dunn, who also returned one for 100 yards against Iowa State in 2010, is just the second player to have three 100 yard returns in a career.
The other is Georgia's Brandon Boykin (2008-11).
The NCAA doesn't keep official records of 100-yard returns, so Dunn won't be in the record books for that particular feat.
However, Dunn did tie the NCAA record for most touchdowns off kickoff returns in a game and set the NCAA mark for the highest kick return average (74.0 on three returns).
Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said the only thing that was holding Dunn back in getting more chances to return kicks was his struggle to hang onto the ball.
"There were situations when he didn't judge the ball as well as he should have and he has worked really hard on that," he said. "He has gotten to the point now where he feels confident. What you saw Saturday didn't surprise us. He has a lot of speed and 'make-you-miss,' ability."

- Lya Wodraska