News roundup: ‘Frankenstorm’ shakes up campaign plans
Published: October 29, 2012 08:11AM
Updated: October 29, 2012 09:45AM
President Barack Obama is seen walking up the steps of Air Force One as he boards Air Force One at Orlando International Airport, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 in Orlando Fla. Obama is canceling a morning campaign rally in Orlando to return to Washington to monitor the preparation for early response to Hurricane Sandy.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Reuters: Obama 49-46 over Romney. Hurricane Sandy shifts campaign plans. We're in the single digits: 8 days until Election Day.

Happy Monday. Washington is shut down today ahead of the so-called Frankenstorm approaching the East Coast and President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both had to change their plans on campaigning in the few days left before Nov. 6. Romney canceled a planned rally in Virginia Beach, Va., while the president is skipping an Orlando event and heading back from Florida early today to oversee the government's response to the unprecedented storm. [NYTimes]

-> The storm could impact voting in key states like Virginia and New Hampshire as well as reduce turnout in traditionally blue areas like New Jersey and New York. That worries Obama's top adviser, David Axelrod. [WaPost]

-> A list of closings: New York's subway. Washington's Metro. Amtrak northeast service. Greyhound. The NYSE and NASDAQ. Schools from Washington to New York.

Topping the news: Residents of a central Utah town are upset by a neighbor's display of what appears to be a faux Romney hanging an effigy of Obama. [Trib]

-> Romney has now raised more than $8 million from Utahns. [Trib]

-> Romney is talking up bipartisanship on the campaign trail but could find it difficult to follow through on it since he has to work with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. [WashTimes]

Tweet of the day: From @mcnallyjackson: "This is a common mistake, but we'd like to remind everyone that what we're looking at here is not FrankenStorm, but FrankenStorm's monster."

Opinion section: Paul Rolly discusses the problem with a two-party system. [Trib]

-> George Pyle says that intelligent nonbelievers should not, in most cases, be offended by public declarations of faith. [Trib]

-> Rep. Jim Nielson, R-Bountiful, Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, and Sen. Ben McAdams, D-Salt Lake City, ask voters to support Amendment A, a rainy-day funds policy they say have proved beneficial thus far. [Trib]

-> Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb weigh in on life after the election. [DNews]

-> Jennifer Yim, vice chairperson of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission, discusses how voters benefit from grading judges. [Trib]

-> Ex-Sen. Bob Bennett says Europe prefers Obama in the election over Romney because people there question Romney's Mormon faith. [DNews]

-> Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke lays out his recipe for success. [Trib]

-> Ana J. Samuel, a research scholar at the Witherspoon Institute, talks about criticism of Mormon Apostle Dallin H. Oaks' recent talk on gay parenting. [Trib]

-> Ray Diehl is a fifth-generation Utahn who says the state's conservative values are hard to pin down. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on God as a Republican. [Trib]

Weekend in review: The Trib's Obama endorsement went viral, breaking the site record for page views of a single story. [Trib]

-> In a tight Salt Lake County mayoral race, it's all about the undecideds. [DNews]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert isn't ruling out another run for governor in 2016. [Trib]

-> Cooke struggles in his effort to unseat Herbert; critics say it is because he makes many promises but offers few specifics. [DNews]

-> Utah Congressional hopefuls stress bipartisanism at a Sunday forum. [Trib]

-> Highlights of the final Hatch-Howell debate. [UtahPolicy]

-> An ethics group says negative mailers are diminishing voters interest. [Trib]

-> Josie Valdez campaigns for Utah Senate District 8, saying she wants to "serve the underserved." [Trib]

-> The memorial site of the October 1992 Antelope Island helicopter crash was rededicated. [Trib]

-> Nearly 13 percent of active voters in Salt Lake County have already cast a ballot. [Trib]

-> The environment isn't getting a lot of attention this coming election season. [Trib]

-> Candidates push for seats on the State Board of Education. [DNews]

-> Rolly notes that when it comes to custom apparel, Obama smashes Romney in the personalized undergarments category. [Trib]

The race for 270: The latest Electoral College predictions:
FiveThirtyEight: Obama 296.6, Romney 241.4
Pollster: Obama 277, Romney 206
RealClearPolitics: Obama 290, Romney 248

2012 watch: A Reuters/Ipsos poll gives Obama a 49-46 lead among likely voters. [Reuters]

-> An Ohio News Organization poll shows Romney and Obama at a 49-49 percent tie. [FOXNews]

-> A new Romney TV ad in Ohio challenges the president's claim that he saved U.S. auto jobs. [WSJournal]

-> The Huntsman daughters "may" have been Binders Full of Women for halloween. [Examiner]

-> House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says Romney is going to win Virginia. [Trib]

-> Following Billy Graham's website removal of the term "cult" to describe the Mormon faith, many religious folk across the country criticize the reverend's decision to blur the line between religion and politics. [WaPost]

-> Bob White, hired by Romney at Bain Consulting in 1981, serves as an informal wingman and right-hand man to the presidential candidate. [NYTimes]

-> Madonna speak out once again -- this time, drawing boos and inspiring walk-outs at a New Orleans concert after telling attendees that she doesn't care who they vote for as long as it's Obama. [FOXNews]

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