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News flash: Other newspapers make endorsements ...

Published October 22, 2012 3:42 pm

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2012, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

Hard to believe, I know. But The Salt Lake Tribune's is not the only newspaper editorial board that endorses one or the other candidate for president:

— Romney has better shot at solving nation's crisis — Spokane Spokesman-Review Editorial

... We believe Mitt Romney could bring a fresh approach unburdened by recriminations. He has extensive management and leadership experience, and worked with the opposite party as Massachusetts governor. The nation needs that Romney, not the one who pandered to the tea party wing of the Republican Party to secure the nomination. If elected, he needs to take on that faction with the same resolve he's shown challenging Obama. ...

[The whole point of The Tribune's editorial, of course, is that hoping to get that Romney, and not any of the others, is too big a risk.]

— For president, Barack Obama — Santa Fe New Mexican Editorial

... He inherited an unholy mess — an economy teetering on the edge of a second Great Depression and two foreign wars top the list of disasters. Slowly, steadily and with his eye fixed firmly on the needs of the country, the president has worked hard every day to improve our collective good. ...

— We recommend Mitt Romney for president — Dallas Morning News Editorial

... We see evidence of Obama's shortcomings in his re-election campaign, a relentlessly negative push to disqualify his opponent instead of standing on his accomplishments. His campaign has worn voters' patience thin by constantly blaming predecessor George W. Bush for "the mess he left behind." ...

— Barack Obama for president — Denver Post Editorial

... This is an election that begs the candidates to demonstrate what they plan to do moving forward. Neither has done enough to lead us to think voters on Nov. 6 aren't, to a certain degree, being asked to make a leap of faith. But Obama's record of accomplishment under trying circumstances and his blueprint for a second term make him the best pick to move the nation forward.

— Mitt Romney: new leadership for more economic growth — Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial

... The slow U.S. economy and its discouragingly high unemployment overshadow the other important issues in this election. Economic recovery must be spurred to a faster pace, and a change to Romney's leadership would do that. ...

— Obama's agenda gives steady hand to economic growth — (Tucson) Arizona Daily Star Editorial

— Romney can lead economy forward — (Phoenix) Arizona Republic Editorial

... We believe the nation's best opportunity to escape the compounding woes of spiraling debt and economic stagnation lies with a president who believes in the free market's capacity to heal its own wounds. ...

— Obama for president — Los Angeles Times Editorial

The nation has been well served by President Obama's steady leadership. And Mitt Romney has demonstrated clearly that he's the wrong choice.

— Economy needs Mitt Romney — Omaha World-Herald Editorial

— Barack Obama for president — Sacramento Bee Editorial

Voters often say they want their elected leaders to keep their promises and, at crucial moments, show real political backbone. President Barack Obama deserves a second term largely because he has delivered on both of these fronts. ...

— Romney has the vision we need — Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial

— Obama has earned a second term — San Antonio Express-News Editorial

— Re-elect Obama — Eugene Register-Guard Editorial

Give him a second term — and some cooperation

— The Times recommends Barack Obama for president, with reservations — Seattle Times Editorial