Four Utah adventures deemed “killer” by travel magazine
Published: October 25, 2012 12:33PM
Updated: October 23, 2012 10:11AM
If you want to make Mt. Aire REALLY scary, go in the winter and butt-slide away from the moose. (Photo by Erin Alberty)
Backpacker Magazine has published a list of Killer Trips: “high-risk, high-reward adventures” in North America, sorted according to various hazards.
Utah hikes and climbs are featured in four of the categories. Zion’s popular Angel’s Landing trail is deemed a “gravity” risk for its exposure to long falls. Spry Canyon, also in Zion, covers difficult terrain. The Maze in Canyonlands was selected for user-error, or “you,” risks — namely, it’s remote, and you can get lost easily.
And finally, there is a Utah adventure that I never considered terribly dangerous but has earned some fame for its wildlife hazard. The Mighty Moose Of Mount Aire have made quite an impression on Backpacker Magazine!
You may remember a hiker who filmed a moose attack on himself about a year ago on this trail. He came out alive, but don’t screw with the moose. Give them a wide berth, don’t dilly dally and don’t expect to scare them out of your way. Some moose flee the trail as soon as they see a person, but others just give a withering look and hold their ground.
Most importantly, remember what our Mt. Aire moose attack videographer learned the hard way: A bluff charge is a generous courtesy. Take advantage of it and skidaddle while you can.

That tripod won’t save you, buddy.
—Erin Alberty