News roundup: Can Romney, Reid work together if needed?
Published: October 18, 2012 07:16AM
Updated: October 18, 2012 07:15AM
Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney smiles on his campaign plane in Sterling, Va., Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Gallup: Romney leads by six. Ron Paul visits Utah. 19 days until Election Day.

Happy Thursday. President Obama and Mitt Romney are back on the trail, focusing their energy on wooing voters in battleground states in the campaign's final few weeks and each hoping to shape favorable perceptions of Wednesday's debate. [ABCNews] [Reuters]

-> While in Virginia, Romney accused Obama of spending more time attacking him than explaining a vision for the next four years, charging the president with a lack of specifics that Romney himself has often been criticized for himself. On Obama coming up with a plan, Romney joked: "I mean, he's gotta come up with that over this weekend because there's only one debate left on Monday!" [BuzzFeed] [CNN]

-> The latest Gallup poll among likely voters gives Romney a 51-45 percent lead over Obama. [Gallup] [CBSNews]

Topping the news: In their Wednesday debate, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Democratic challenger Scott Howell sparred over the 36-year incumbent's ability to serve. Hatch says he's proud of his time in office, insisting his experience has finally put him in a position to make some real change. Howell believes Congress needs "new blood." [Trib] [DNews] [Herald] [Fox13]

-> Ron Paul visits Utah Valley University today at 1:30 p.m. [DNews]

-> The Las Vegas Sun digs into how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could work with a President Romney despite their cool relationship. [LVSun]

Happy birthday: To state Rep. Sue Duckworth and state Sens. Curt Bramble and Sen. David Hinkins.

Tweet of the day: From @realDonaldTrump: "Initial reports say 2nd debate viewership dropped. See what happens when I am not mentioned."

In other news: A poll conducted by Democratic mayoral candidate Ben McAdams' campaign gives him less than a 1 percent lead against Republican competitor Mark Crockett. A Dan Jones and Associates poll hands Crockett the lead, 40-37. [Trib]

-> Oral arguments for the state's immigration law will be held Feb. 15, just shy of two years after its creation. Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says things have dragged on for too long. [Trib]

-> The Utah Judicial Conduct Commission threatens a Utah judge with censure for making too much money. [Trib]

-> A Utah house member pursues legislation to decrease the age disparity that criminalizes sexual activities with 16 or 17-year-olds from 10 to seven years. [Trib]

-> Former Rep. Holly Richardson, a conservative blogger and early supporter of HB477, was confirmed a member of the State Records Committee without a hearing, despite requests made by the Alliance for Better Utah. [Trib]

-> State highway officials look to limit the number of hybrid vehicles allowed in HOV lanes, concerned that they may overpopulate the lanes designed to encourage carpooling. [Trib]

-> The Utah Republican Party files complaints against Soren Simonsen, the Democratic challenger of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, for failing to disclose his campaign contributions and his personal finances by the deadline. [Trib]

-> A Utah lawmaker wants to require schools to teach sex ed to students and teach parents how to further the learning at home, proving to be a source of concern for many. [DNews]

-> Pat Bagley says Democrats are willing to accept their guy didn't win the first debate, but Republicans can't handle getting beat. [Trib]

2012 watch: Romney's verbal Libya fumbles may hamper his ability to criticize the president's foreign policy record. [WaPost]

-> During the debate, Romney claimed he sought out Cabinet-worthy females while governor of Massachusetts and wound up with "binders full of women," a meme-inspiring line (and twitter account, too), that isn't entirely accurate. [Globe]

-> Obama capitalized on Romney's "binder" remark. [ABCNews]

-> Both candidates continued the effort to woo women during Wednesday campaign efforts. [BusinessWeek]

-> On Thursday, the president told an Iowa crowd: "You know, I'm still trying to figure out how to get the hang of this thing, debating." [Politico]

-> Rep. Jason Chaffetz responded to Candy Crowley's decision to fact check Libya comments made by Romney at the debate, telling Tuesday's moderator that her "assessment was wrong." [Trib]

-> Vice President Joe Biden labels Romney as "sketchy." [WaPost]

-> Last election cycle, it was said that no Democrat had ever won without Missouri -- one of many, many, many "truisms" that proved to be true only until it wasn't. [WaPost]

-> Debate moderators always lose. [WaPost]

Where are they?

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