Name-checked by Dylan, Billy Joe Shaver headlines State Room this weekend
Published: October 17, 2012 04:58PM
Updated: October 17, 2012 04:58PM
Billy Joe Shaver, the country singer who can count Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings among his contemporaries, plays Saturday, Oct. 20, at the State Room in Salt Lake City. Courtesy photo.

“I’m listening to Billy Joe Shaver / And I’m reading James Joyce / Some people they tell me I got the blood of the land in my voice.” These lyrics are from Bob Dylan’s song “I Feel A Change Comin’ On,” which means Shaver has joined the ranks of The Jack of Hearts, St. Augustine, The Blind Commissioner, and Einstein (disguised as Robin Hood) all of whom have been immortalized in a Dylan song.

Billy Joe Shaver’s songs became country standards during the 1970s, and has been covered by Elvis, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and many others.

As for being name-checked by Dylan, Shaver, 73, called it “sweet” and said “I don’t know what caused him to do it.” He added: “I’ve never met Bob Dylan. He’s the best. I hope to hear from him, and tell him, ‘Howdy.’”

When • Saturday, Oct. 20, 9 p.m.
Where • The State Room, 638 S. State St., Salt Lake City
Tickets • $20 at