Chelsea Clinton visits Nigeria on health mission
Published: October 16, 2012 12:19PM
Updated: October 16, 2012 01:09PM
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, answers questions from the audience at an event at the University of Utah Student Union on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 in Salt Lake City. Paul Fraughton/The Salt Lake Tribune; 1/29/08

Abuja, Nigeria • Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former U.S. president and the current U.S. Secretary of State, visits Nigeria’s capital as part of a trip organized by her father’s foundation.

Clinton visited Nigeria’s Aso Rock presidential villa on Tuesday and met with President Goodluck Jonathan. She later spoke about the Clinton Health Access Initiative and its efforts to reduce child mortality in Nigeria, an oil-rich but poverty-stricken nation.

Clinton said she supported efforts to increase health coverage in Nigeria. She also lauded work being done to end diarrhea-related deaths of children in Nigeria by distributing rehydration tablets. The Clinton Health Access Initiative estimates making the tablets available to children could help prevent as many as 220,000 child deaths a year in Nigeria.