USU Football - Aggies put hammer down when it counts
Published: October 13, 2012 08:04PM
Updated: October 13, 2012 08:06PM

Utah State may not have won this game last season. Certainly not before that.

This was a game the Aggies could've easily found a way to come up short. On the road, against a good opponent, with a lot on the line.

But this is a different Utah State team. One that Gary Andersen has molded into his own character. In Saturday's 49-27 win over San Jose State, the Aggies pushed back when they were pushed. They made plays when challenged.

The school-record 13 sacks weren't just window dressing. They really mattered, every single one of them.

Chuckie Keeton's three touchdown passes were all critical. Kerwynn Williams' trio of touchdown runs all crucial.

This is a team threatening to win a conference title, now. Utah State is a confident bunch, quietly believing it can win each and every Saturday.

When was the last time a Utah State football team could say that?

Tony Jones