Granite teacher union backs McAdams for mayor
Published: October 10, 2012 06:24PM
Updated: October 10, 2012 06:24PM

The Granite Education Association is endorsing Democrat Ben McAdams for Salt Lake County mayor.
“McAdams has been a strong supporter of public education in the Utah Legislature and he has made education a key issue in his current campaign,” said GEA Vice President Michael McDonough, referring to an education policy paper released last week by McAdams, who is currently a state senator from Salt Lake City.
“The leader of Salt Lake County must make education a priority,” McAdams said in a news release. “It is not enough to say it is a state or federal responsibility; it is a big job that requires a collaborative effort. I want Salt Lake County to be a catalyst for change in Utah’s education system by making sure children show up to school ready to learn."

-- Mike Gorrell