‘Trapped by the Mormons’ remake, resurrected for the election
Published: October 9, 2012 01:18PM
Updated: October 10, 2012 09:37AM
| Cherry Red Productions Johnny Kat portrays Isolde Keene, a mesmerizing missionary, in a campy 2005 remake of the silent anti-LDS film "Trapped by the Mormons."

Back in 2005, a theater group in Washington, D.C., thought it would be cool to remake the 1922 anti-LDS propaganda silent movie “Trapped by the Mormons,” upping the camp factor by including polygamous zombie vampires to the mix.

The troupe, Cherry Red Productions, has since disbanded — but the folks behind the film have resurrected the film, posting it online as a tongue-in-cheek “warning” to anyone who would vote for Mitt Romney (who is Mormon, in case you forgot) for president.

“Mitt Romney is a Mormon,” the website for the movie states, before launching into over-the-top invective: “And not just a Mormon. He’s a M-O-R-M-O-N right down to the quivery Mormon marrow in his horrible Mormon bones. His family is descended from Sonoran polygamists, for chrissake! Don’t know what that means? It means that… Mitt’s the most Mormon Mormon that ever was Mormon.”

The original film followed the evil exploits of Isolde Keene, a menacing Mormon missionary (say that three times fast) who uses his mesmerizing powers to take over the will of young British women and compel them to become his brides in Utah. In the Cherry Red remake, Keene was played by New York “drag king” star Johnny Kat, and the filmmakers added the wrinkle that Keene’s hypnotic powers turned the ladies into zombie vampires.

The remake of “Trapped by the Mormons” will screen online now through election day.