Giant tortoise found wandering down Logan street

By Janelle Stecklein

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: October 8, 2012 07:03PM
Updated: October 8, 2012 11:33PM

A giant tortoise apparently decided Monday was a good time to take a stroll down a Logan street.

Logan assistant police chief Jeff Curtis said residents spotted the AWOL African Spurred Tortoise wandering down a street near 200 North and 300 East about 3:45 p.m. Monday.

“It’s an uncommon thing to see for sure,” Curtis said. “It was a rather large one, and obviously not [native to] this area.”

Curtis said the tortoise weighed between 75 and 80 pounds, was 2-to-3 feet in height and had a circumference of 3-to-4 feet.

The tortoise was so large, it took two animal control officers to load it into a vehicle and take it to an undisclosed, safe location to await possible reunification with its owner, Curtis said.

Curtis said if no one comes forward to claim the lost tortoise, authorities will likely find a zoo that can permanently care for it.

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