Utah driver license records available online
Published: October 4, 2012 08:31PM
Updated: October 5, 2012 09:39AM
The state’s Department of Public Safety has launched a website that allows Utahns to easily obtain their official driving record online.

Driving records are an important part of many employment screenings, employer safety programs and insurance reviews. The new website can be found at https://secure.utah.gov/mvr-personal/public/index.html

“Having instant access to your personal motor vehicle records is another service we have provided to the residents of Utah to enhance convenience and access to our services,” Lance Davenport, commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety said in a statement announcing the new website.

Now, instead of going into a driver license office, Utahns can go online and retrieve a copy from the convenience of their own home, he said.

Most commonly, a driving record is used to:

• Check driver license status and license suspension

• Check traffic tickets, violations and fines, and

• Check driver license classification

Davenport said the new service protects personal information by using multi-point authentication and billing “cross-match technology.”

The individual reports cost $9 when obtained from the new service and are available immediately as a portable document file (PDF). Additional copies can be downloaded and printed free of charge within 10 days of the initial purchase.