Salt Lake man lucky to be alive after someone shoots at him
Published: September 30, 2012 08:15PM
Updated: September 30, 2012 04:16PM

Police said a Salt Lake City man was lucky to escape serious injury Saturday after at least one person fired 13 shots through his window.

Police said the man, who is in his 40s, was sitting on his couch about 11:10 p.m. in the 1200 block of West Andrew Ave. (1500 South) when at least one person opened fire.

One shot struck the man in the hand while the other 12 narrowly missed striking him, police said. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police said they’re not sure why the assailant shot through the window.

However, they said it’s possible that there were actually two shooters outside the man’s home. Police said they recovered six casings from a .380-caliber handgun. The rest of the casings recovered were from a 9 mm pistol.

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