USU physicist, composer, three visual artists and string quartet explore climate change
Published: September 10, 2012 01:10PM
Updated: September 11, 2012 12:08PM

I know Utes are tired about hearing about USU, but here goes:

On Sept. 27, at 7 p.m., in the Utah State University Performance Hall, “The Crossroads Project” will present a multi-disciplinary performance by a physicist, a composer, three visual artists and a string quartet.

Created by USU physicist Robert Davies and the Fry Street Quartet, “The Crossroads Project” explores the complexity of sustainability.

“The mandate for great and difficult achievement is manifest in the science of sustainability and climate change,” said Davies in a press release. “Information alone has not taken us far enough, nor will it; emotion, as well as intellect, is needed. It is science and art together — the synergy of these two great human enterprises — that can compel a more powerful response by creating both intellectual and emotional clarity.”

“Our intent is to offer our audience a profound meditation on the choices we are making as a society today, the paths these choices are creating and the dramatically different landscapes to which they lead,” said Rebecca McFaul in the release. She is a violinist for the Fry Street Quartet, the resident quartet for the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University.

More information and tickets are available at the Caine College of the Arts Box Office in room 139-B of the Chase Fine Arts Center on USU’s Logan campus, online at the Caine College of the Arts website ( or by calling 435-797-8022.

More information is also available at the Crossroads Project website (