Editorial Sampler: Oil and water (and wind and CNG) ...
Published: September 4, 2012 12:54PM
Updated: September 4, 2012 12:54PM
Rick Egan | Tribune file photo SITLA has agreed to delay its controversial decision to open roadless parts of Utah's Book Cliffs to oil exploration.

- Oil and water: Tar mine needs more oversight - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

A Utah administrative law judge has bought the argument of a tar sands mining company that there’s no need to protect or monitor the water that might be affected by a proposed operation in the Book Cliffs area of the state because, well, there isn’t any.

Water, that is.

It is a frighteningly shortsighted decision.

There are few places on Earth where there is no water. (We’re not even completely sure yet that there isn’t any on Mars, for goodness’ sake.) [Read the rest ...]

- A dry season - Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

... People need to conserve water for the benefit of the community. A little conservation exercised by a lot of people can provide some remedy for the ailing water health of our community.

- A rational compromise on Alaska oil reserve - Los Angeles Times Editorial

Opening up too much of the Alaska reserve, whose oil deposits have been vastly overestimated, would not solve the nation’s long-term energy demands.

- Disturbing news on climate change - Denver Post Editorial

Dangers of a warming planet have caught the public’s attention, but they are underplayed in campaigns.

- A record melt in Artic - Eugene Register-Guard Editorial

Time for Obama, Romney to discuss climate change

- As Exergy hits hard times, an ill wind blows - Idaho Statesman Editorial

- Incentives needed to build more CNG pumps in Wyo - Casper Star-Tribune Editorial