Editorial Sampler: Mitt’s moment ...
Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune Mitt Romney shakes hands as he makes his entrance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Thursday, August 30, 2012.

- Mitt’s moment: Romney makes the case for himself - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

Are you better off than your were four years ago?

Much of the final night of the Republican National Convention — the night that introduced nominee Mitt Romney to a great many Americans who are only now starting to pay attention to this year’s presidential election — was devoted to the memory of Ronald Reagan. So it makes sense that Romney’s acceptance speech did much to channel the 40th president....

... Romney is no Ronald Reagan. His speech Thursday — folksy, warm, sometimes funny — was not a Reagan-like Shining City on a Hill moment. [Full text here.]

But the nominee did put the question before the electorate. Are we content to stay the course with the current administration? Or do we think that a change of management, something Romney specialized in during his years in the business sector, is what is needed? ...

- Inside the real Romney - Provo Daily Herald Editorial

Clint Eastwood was a tough act to follow. But Eastwood also had a tough act to follow.

Members of Romney’s Mormon congregation when he served as an ecclesiastical leader gave the most moving speeches of the convention.

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... 7. If you have succeeded in life, you did that. If things didn’t turn out exactly right, it’s the government’s fault. ...