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News roundup: What Romney needs to accomplish tonight

Published August 30, 2012 7:23 am

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Romney's big moment. An emphasis on Romney as LDS bishop. 68 days to the election.

Happy Thursday. Mitt Romney takes the podium tonight, the culmination of years of hard work, and a little luck along the way. It's his time to make the case for his presidency and those close to him say they feel the weight of the moment. [Globe] [Politico] [MorningCall]

Topping the news: Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said America needs a turnaround and Romney can deliver. And his speech had this clever line: " College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life." [NYTimes] [WaPost] [TampaBay] [Politico]

-> In the convention's final hours, members of Mitt Romney's faith will be given a chance to humanize a candidate that many have found hard to relate to. [Trib] [NYTimes]

-> Out-of-state Mormon delegates are proud of the presidential nominee who shares their religious beliefs. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: From @StephenAtHome: "You know what would be really impressive? If Mitt Romney turned the whole convention into a successful Winter Olympics."

From @Lord_Chadeous: "Thank god football starts soon. Politics is one thing. Politics with no sports to balance it out is too much. and thats the truth." [FYI: The University of Utah, Utah State and BYU play their first games today.]

Happy (belated) birthday: to Melissa Galetto, a honorary Utahn whose birthday was Wednesday.

GOP Convention: Once a harsh Romney critic, Mike Huckabee gave credit to President Barack Obama for allowing the 2008 enemies to become allies. [USAToday]

-> After admitting he'd like to be at the convention under different circumstances, former presidential nominee John McCain criticized Obama's handling of military issues. [USAToday] [DNews] [Politico]

-> The Republican delegation from Utah is describes as having "fewer hangovers" than other states and its GOP delegates as most likely to exclaim "Golly!" and "For Pete's Sake!" (Does that mean the reporter spoke mostly to Sen. Orrin Hatch?) [TampaBay]

-> Condi Rice spoke without the aid of a telepromter and never uttered Obama's name once, but she talked about the soul of the Republican Party and the need for a new direction for the nation. [Politico]

-> The winners and losers at the GOP's second night under the bright lights. [WaPost]

-> Bob Bernick points out that Utah happily excepted stimulus money but were also eager to support Ryan's speech which slammed that effort to boost the economy. [UtahPolicy]

-> Meet Neil Blair, a Utahn who is attending his 12th convention. His first being in 1964. [UtahPolicy]

-> Obama is getting some grudging respect in Tampa for his ability to connect with voters. [TheHill]

-> GOP mega-donors are given special treatment in a yacht adorned by the merchant flag of the Cayman Islands, the British territory home to oft-criticized Romney investment holdings. [WaPost] [LATimes]

-> In what was supposed to be a private speech with Utah Republicans, New Jersey's Chris Christie dubs Obama an "inconsequential" president. [Trib] There was a bunch of finger pointing about who banned the press. [DNews] [ABC4]

-> Some politicos wondered if Christie's keynote speech was more an attempt to set up his own presidential run than to support Romney. [Politico] [LATimes] [IBTimes]

-> Ann Romney follows up a convention speech aimed at women by reaching out to Hispanic voters, a second minority the Romney campaign is looking to charm. [ABCNews] [CBSNews]

-> A 10-minute commute to the hotel turned into a nightmarish three hours for GOP delegates after Tuesday night's convention. [Trib]

-> Two RNC attendees find themselves on the streets after debasing an African-American CNN camera operator. [CNN]

In other news: After her convention performance, Mia Love has raised a load of cash, had her name become a common Google search term and had her Wikipedia page plastered with racist and sexist slurs that have since been removed. [Trib] [DNews][FoxNews] [NatJournal]

-> Democratic senate candidate Scott Howell criticizes Sen. Orrin Hatch's voting record on matters of student aid, while a Hatch representative says the senator was attempting to prevent tax increases. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Rep. Jason Chaffetz talks about Ryan from the perspective of a House colleague and friend. [ABC4]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on Ann Romney's recollections of meager dinners early in her marriage to Mitt Romney. [Trib]

-> Utah Democratic congressional candidate Jay Seegmiller says his GOP opponent, Chris Stewart, has "reckless" economic positions. [Trib]

2012 watch: Obama fielded questions on the social media website Reddit from space travel to Internet freedom as a part of his campaign stop in Charlottesville, Va. [Reddit] [WaPost] [NPR] [CNN]

-> Romney's known as a turnaround artist because of his work with failing businesses and the Olympics, but he used those same skills to turn around his political life after a painful 2008 loss. [NYTimes]

-> A recent chart comparing the president's performance in 2008 to his approval ratings now shows a decline in many states. [WaPost]

-> Obama cites a Romney strategist who said that they would not let fact checkers dictate their campaign messages. [LATimes]

-> Obama pokes fun at the GOP convention as he wraps up a tour of college towns. [NYTimes]

-> Romney is vital to the GOP movement — as a placeholder. [Politico]

-> According to Mitt's older sister, the Republican presidential nominee is leaving the abortion debate to the courts. [NatJournal]

-> Romney's sons bear witness to reporters of their father's his softer side. [APviaDNews]

-> The Democrats will hold a national security night at their convention to highlight what the Obama camp considers to be a sterling record on foreign policy. [NYTimes] [APviaWaPost]

Where are they?

Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, Gov. Gary Herbert, AG Mark Shurtleff and many other top Utah Republicans are in Tampa for the convention.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker rounds off his three-city tour of performing art centers in Dayton, Ohio.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon will attend a "Labor Rights Week" event, a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division and the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City.

President Barack Obama has a private lunch with Vice President Joe Biden.

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