Police: Utah corn vendor invents robbery story to avoid embarrassment
Published: August 30, 2012 09:05AM
Updated: August 30, 2012 07:43AM

North Ogden police have solved the case of who shot a corn vendor — it was the vendor who accidentally popped a cap on himself.

On Aug. 25, a 30-year-old man told police he was selling corn from a roadside stand near 1920 N. Washington Blvd. when, just before noon, a man approached him, demanding money. He told officers the suspect shot him with a handgun and fled. The man gave a full description of the shooter, who was about the man’s age.

During a follow up interview, police say the corn vendor’s story fell apart. The man “reported the robbery to save himself from embarrassment for accidentally discharging the handgun,” according to a news release from police.

The man accidentally discharged his gun, giving himself a single gunshot wound to his lower back. He was released from the hospital from his injuries and is recovering at home, but will face criminal charges of accidental discharge of a firearm and making a false report to police.

The corn stand has not had any robberies this summer season, police said.


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