Concert review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at Red Butte Garden
Published: August 24, 2012 11:26AM
Updated: August 24, 2012 11:26AM

It has been a summer of full-spirited and buoyant concerts from the likes of younger acts such as LMFAO, Bon Iver and My Morning Jacket.

So if you pulled out your calculator and discovered that the average age of the members of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s was 69, you could be excused for thinking beforehand that the trio’s Thursday concert would be a somnolent affair — a night for wine, rather than the stronger stuff.

But in front of an older crowd in the sold-out Red Butte Garden, David Crosby (71), Graham Nash (70) and Stephen Stills (67) showed that nostalgia doesn’t have to be elegiac.

The first supergroup of the rock era delivered a generous set of more than two hours of songs that allowed the three men to showcase their respective strengths, with Stills’ still-astonishing guitar skills, Nash’s light tenor soaring as he played the keys, and Crosby being Crosby, with long white hair cascading past his shoulders as he belted out full-throttled songs such as a defiant "Almost Cut My Hair."

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