Concert review: Norah Jones at Red Butte Garden
Published: August 22, 2012 11:26AM
Updated: August 22, 2012 11:28AM

"Do you guys like Hank Williams?" asked Norah Jones about half way through her sold-out show Tuesday at Red Butte Garden.

Well, yes we do, but we had no idea Jones liked him.

Then, sitting at a piano with her miniskirt the color of cantaloupe flesh, Jones launched into a self-lacerating rendition of Williams’ "Cold, Cold Heart," delivering the poison with her honey-sweet soprano.

On a starless light where the moon was obscured by the oppressive haze, the 33-year-old singer illustrated time and time again how far she has come as an artist in the 10 years since a lazy light jazz song called "Don’t Know Why" catapulted her into Grammy history and worldwide commercial fame. She was the background music for a generation that didn’t like jazz.

We never expected her to partner up with super-producer Danger Mouse in 2011 and then create an album like her most recent, "Little Broken Hearts." It is head, shoulders and torso above her previous work; it is Jones’ "Blood on the Tracks," a thematic album that chronicles the bitterness and anger of a nasty break-up.

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