Editorial Sampler: Theater, nuclear waste, safe driving, immigration ...
Published: August 20, 2012 01:50PM
Updated: August 20, 2012 01:50PM

Above: Ad for West End edition of 'Wicked.' I think they added some special effects for TV. (And, anybody else think their Glenda looks a little old for the part?)

- Performing arts: New theater now on track - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

The Salt Lake County Council made the right move in joining Salt Lake City’s effort to bring a 2,500-seat Utah Performing Arts Center to the capital’s downtown.
Although the funding partnership that calls for the county to contribute $28.2 million to the $110 million project is contingent on the two entities signing a pact that lets the county operate the new venue, the deal is nearly, and rightly, done. ...
... The large theater has been called a "Broadway-style" theater, but it is nothing of the sort. Most theaters on Broadway are small, intimate spaces, not auditoriums seating thousands. The UPAC would be a suitable venue for touring Broadway shows that are best produced on a large stage to a large audience. Think "Lion King," "Wicked" and other popular musicals that would draw not only from across the county but out of state as well. [Read the rest ...]

So much for the Mainstream Media getting its act together:

- Broadway-style theater will elevate life in the city - Deseret News Editorial


- Radioactive choice: Senate right to delay confirmation - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

Given that the decisions to be made will have an impact on Utah for thousands of years to come, waiting a month to vote on the makeup of the state’s new Radiation Control Board seems reasonable. ...

- Gov. Otter might not be up to the task on nuke waste - Idaho Falls Post-Register Editorial (via Idaho Statesman)

- Hanford's B Reactor: A park haunted by the 20th century - Tacoma (Wash.) News-Tribune Editorial

- Oil giant Tesoro OK with a certain kind of California 'green' - Sacramento Bee Editorial


- HOV lanes: Illegal use is also dangerous - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

- Drivers need to heed rules of road - Prescott (Ariz.) Daily Courier Editorial


- Don’t deport: Cut some young aliens a break - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

- Brewer visits sins of parents on their children - (Tucson) Arizona Daily Star Editorial
Gov. Jan Brewer has been described as being anti-Latino, credited with making Arizona an international laughingstock and embarrassing our state with her performance as governor and her ideological stands. ...

- As reform languishes, immigrants left in limbo - Spokane Spokesman-Review Editorial