Frozen treats Day 22: Avocado pistachio popsicle
Day 22 • Avocado pistachio popsicle

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: August 22, 2012 11:15AM
Updated: November 30, 2012 11:33PM
Kim Raff | The Salt Lake Tribune An avocado pistachio pop from Lick'd at the Sugarhouse Farmers Market in Salt Lake City.

Throughout the month of August, Tribune writers are tasting their way through some of Utah’s finest frozen confections including ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and shave ice in an effort to beat the heat. Today’s pick:

Avocado pistachio popsicle • This unique pop will appeal to anyone who prefers subtle, savory flavors over traditional sugary sweet kiddie treats. It’s a unique blend of ripe avocados, cream, pistachio nuts and honey.

Lick’d • Find this gourmet popsicle stand at area farmers markets including: Downtown Farmers Market at Pioneer Park on Saturdays; Wheeler Farm Market on Sundays; Harvest Market at Pioneer Park on Tuesdays; South Towne Center on Thursdays; and Sugarhouse Farmers Market on Fridays.

Cost • $4 each, or two for $7

Shop talk • Tiffany Tomkinson initially started her own bakery, but she quickly switched gears when customers raved about these gourmet treats on a stick. The ice cream-based pops are flavored with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs — straight from the farmers market or garden — and sweetened with local honey. Each week there are new flavors depending on what’s in season. Favorite combinations including mango raspberry lime, peach rosemary and Tomkinson’s favorite, basil plum. “I dream about that one,” she says.

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