Ken Jennings, still smarter than you
Published: August 10, 2012 02:56PM
Updated: August 10, 2012 02:56PM
Ken Jennings poses in this undated handout photo. Jennings, a 74-time “Jeopardy!” winner from Utah, reflects on the latest game show contestant creating a buzz — Arthur Chu. (Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images)

Ken Jennings -- the former Salt Lake resident and "Jeopardy!" super-champion -- has a new venue in which to demonstrate how much smarter he is than all of us.

Jennings, 38, has a new trivia-quiz game, "Kennections," debuting this Sunday in Parade magazine, which publishes in newspapers around the nation (including in The Salt Lake Tribune).

Jennings poses five trivia questions, and the answers to those questions all have something in common. The Parade website has some examples for you to play with.