Wisan wins
Published: August 3, 2012 06:54PM
Updated: August 7, 2012 10:55AM

A year almost to the day after 3rd District Judge Denise Lindberg first ruled that the state should pay $5.6 million in past-due bills associated with running the trust once controlled by Warren Jeffs, the Utah Supreme Court has made it official: Bruce Wisan wins.

Here's the full opinion. It's a strong endorsement of both Wisan, the accountant appointed to run the trust, and Lindberg.

So does this ruling hold any clues about how the high court will rule in the other trust case it's considering, the one that will probably decide the fate of the UEP?

Val Oveson, Wisan's business partner, says no.

"That's a separate case, a separate issue, and we're waiting for that to come out," he said.

Still, I think the resounding vote in favor of state management of the trust in today's opinon, combined with the fairly friendly reception the state got during oral arguments in June and the decision the high court already made against the FLDS in 2010 add up to some strong signals that the state could win that round.

But what do you think?