"Cybergeddon Strikes" the TCA press tour
Published: July 26, 2012 12:26PM
Updated: July 26, 2012 12:36PM


Not so much tweeting from me this day at the Television Critics Association press tour. Had to write a couple actual stories, and deal with some TCA business.

#Oxygen exec is "so stoked" to have signed Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy to host tattoo show #BestInk. He's nearly hyperventilating. #TCAs12

He was absolutely giddy. I was sort of embarrassed for him.

• Shocking news - Travis Wall, dancers on #Oxygen's new show #AllTheRightMoves have egos, artistic temperaments. Seem nice, though. #TCAs12

In a clip, Wall's dumb partners are ticked that an investor suggested putting Wall's name on their new dance company. A blow to their egos, but perhaps a way to make the thing work. Duh.

• From my friend Todd VanDerWerff: Non-sarcasm time: I am really happy #tcas12 is branching out into online video stuff. It's the future of online video!

While setting up some of these panels a few weeks ago, I was on the phone with YouTube when Hulu called my cell phone. The world of television has changed.

#Cybergeddon will launch on yahoo in 25 countries. #TCAs12

It's a 90-minute movie that will air online. From the Anthony Zuiker, the creator/executive producer of "CSI."

• The 90-minute #Cybergeddon movie will probably be released in nine 10-minute segments. #TCAs12

Or, apparently, you'll be able to watch it in its entirety after all nine segments have debuted.

• Actors took a huge cut in pay to appear in #Cybergeddon, Anthony Zuiker sez. #TCAs12

No surprise there.

• From my friend Roger Catlin: It's YouTube's first presentation at TCA. They're the first people who won't feel snubbed before a room of people online.

Some stars are taken aback when faced by a room full of people on their laptops just tweeting away.