Bike thefts on the rise in Provo
Crime • Police aim to combat “crimes of opportunity.”
Published: July 19, 2012 07:42AM
Updated: October 30, 2012 11:32PM

In the past two weeks, 25 Provo residents have reported stolen bicycles.

That number, up 50 percent from just two weeks ago, brings the total number of bikes stolen since May 1 to 144, Provo police said last week in a press release.

Sgt. Brandon Post said the city often sees an increase in bike thefts over the summer, but the numbers this year have reached a level that concerns him.

“The thefts this year have definitely been excessive,” Post said. “We are definitely hoping to inform residents and help curtail these numbers.”

Post said many of the thefts have been “crimes of opportunity” in that bicycles were stolen from open garages or were not locked up. He recommended that cyclists take special care in locking up and guarding their bicycles.

Police Chief Rick Gregory also suggested that residents register their bikes with the city to ensure that, if stolen, the bikes can be linked back to the owners.

Provo police will offer free bike registration at the Annual Night Out Against Crime event on Aug. 7 at three locations. For more information visit the Provo Police Department’s website at

Tips for keeping bikes safe

Always lock your bicycle if you leave it unattended

Use a high-quality bike lock with a heavy chain

Keep garage doors closed and locked, even if you are home

Keep a record of your bicycle’s serial number in the event you need to report it as lost or stolen

Register your bike with Provo City

Be aware of and report suspicious activity to the police

Source • Provo Police Department