Watercooler: How to protect your money online
Published: July 14, 2012 10:07PM
Updated: July 14, 2012 10:16PM

Online banking offers consumers a convenient means of accessing accounts and paying bills online. Yet certain safety considerations and practices should be followed when conducting personal financial business over the Internet.

Several websites offer useful guides to banking safely online:

Bankrate.com • Explores online banking basics, convenience and security, at http://bit.ly/M5jxJE

Consumer Action • Offers a detailed look at online banking, including risks and security measures, at http://bit.ly/P3dcPO

Financial Planning Association • Spotlights how-to steps to safe online banking, at http://bit.ly/NPG6QA

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. • Provides important tips for safe banking over the Internet, at www.fdic.gov/bank/individual/online/safe.html

Security Today: Features safety considerations for different online banking category groups, including mobile. http://bit.ly/M5jIoi