Utah filmmakers go Gotye on George Lucas [video]
Published: June 29, 2012 08:34AM
Updated: June 28, 2012 02:18PM

A pair of Utah filmmakers have taken their musical-spoofing abilities, and their complaints against George Lucas, to viral-video fame.

Eddie King and Tyler Marshall, working together under the Teddie Films banner, have released a video parody of Gotye's hit song "Somebody I Used to Know" -- with a Hayden Christensen-looking actor (actually, it's Tyler Apostol, the Heber City resident who appeared on "Survivor" twice) lamenting "the 'Star Wars' that I used to know."

Here's a sample lyric:

"Now and then I think of when I was in power / Like choking people with the Force until they died / But then you told them all my history / And took away my masculinity / And had my character portrayed by sub-par actors"

Mike Loveland appears as George Lucas (singing the Kimbra counterpoint line), and his OlliBird firm provided the painting animated in the video. At the end of the video, Eddie and Tyler (well, mostly Eddie -- Tyler doesn't talk from behind his Darth Vader mask) also credit musican Israel Curtis at SomaKat, who played the music and sang the Darth vocal. Ryan Richardson provided the Lucas voice.

The video was posted on YouTube sometime Wednesday night, and already has 141,000 hits.

(H/T Kim McDaniel, the Tribune's web director)

UPDATE: This thing is going national, with mentions on Mashable and The Huffington Post.