Green River fishing report - dry fly fishing picking up
Published: July 3, 2012 09:25AM
Updated: June 22, 2012 11:06AM

Ryan Kelly with Flaming Gorge Resort sent in this report.

Green River fishing report for June 21, 2012

Flows around 1500 during the day.

Dry fly fishing steadily improved this week. It seemed like each day it got a little bit better. While insect activity has been somewhat sparse on the A section, the B section saw an increase in Yellow Sallies, caddis, and PMD's. I have been fishing a Sally similar to a yellow Stimulator trailed by a dark colored caddis. The fish have started to key on these insects more, but are still more comfortable eating the nymphs and emergers subsurface. On A section look for pockets of PMD's and Caddis. I have not seen or heard of any Sallies on A section yet. There are a lot of smaller terrestrials such as ants and beetles though. Try versatile patterns that mimic multiple terrestrials like small chernobyl ants or triple doubles. Nymph fishing remains good with an attractor (egg, San Juan worm, woolly bugger) followed by a scud on the A section. B section has been good with caddis pupa and Sally nymphs. Dry/Dropper is a great way to fish B section right now. Check out this weeks pics for some fat B section fish. Not to be overly repetitive, but the fish are the healthiest they have been in years. Be aware: There has been a young bull moose hanging around Little Hole of late. Remember to keep your distance as moose are about the most unpredictable animals I have been around.
good times and dancing lines,