Van rolls into Sandy home, catches fire, flames spread to house


The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: June 21, 2012 01:50PM
Updated: June 24, 2012 11:30PM
Scott Sommerdorf | The Salt Lake Tribune A Sandy Police officer looks at the aftermath of a fire associated with a vehicle that exploded, and caused a small fire at the home at 8933 Heights Drive in Sandy, Thursday, June 21, 2012. The vehicle exploded and launched itself from the parking spot in the foreground to a spit up against the beam of the home. The heat of the vehicle fire caused the damage to the home.

Sandy firefighters on Thursday battled a residential fire that started when a Volkswagen van rolled down a hill and into the home, where it burst in flames.

The fire at 1102 E. Quarry View Way (8925 South) was reported at 11:05 a.m.

Sandy police Sgt. John Arnold said no injuries were reported and the fire had been extinguished by 12:10 p.m. before doing extensive damage to the home. The older-model van, however, was a total loss.

The van’s parking brake may have failed, or perhaps its manual transmission slipped out of gear. Why the vehicle caught fire, however, remained under investigation; an electrical short of some kind was being considered.

The owner of the condominium home reportedly heard the crash, came outside to see the wreckage and vehicle on fire and called 911.