Under advisement: Davis County book fuss ...
Published: July 10, 2012 02:55PM
Updated: June 20, 2012 12:44PM
"In Our Mothers' House" by Patricia Polocco was placed behind the counter at Davis School District libraries after parents complained about its content. Courtesy image.

We are deep in thought - or maybe high in dudgeon - about this matter:

- LGBT families denied chance to address board on restricted lesbian book - Melinda Rogers | The Salt Lake Tribune
Emotions flare at meeting where they are not allowed to speak.

While we are working on our editorial, you can read this one:

- Allow book on library shelves - Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

... The district has claimed that it has restricted the book's access to comply with a state law that bans advocating homosexuality from school health curriculum. However, in our opinion, the book's message is not to advocate homosexuality. It merely presents a happy family that is an alternative to the traditional father/mother-headed household. The book's message is positive. It doesn't preach homosexuality or criticize parents who wish to teach their children that heterosexual, married couples are best to head families. ...

Or read what we said before:

- A fearful message: Davis library book decision illegal? - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, June 13

The American Civil Liberties Union has raised a new issue in the Davis School District controversy over the district’s decision to banish behind the counter a book about a family with two mothers.
As well as promoting intolerance and bigotry among children, which it certainly does, hiding the book out of children’s sight may also be unconstitutional. ...

- Banning books: Intolerance spurs witch hunt - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, June 5

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