News roundup: Bishop says Obama 'busted' on wilderness effort
Published: June 11, 2012 09:24AM
Updated: June 11, 2012 11:22AM
Tribune file photo Rep. Rob Bishop stands with a map showing a majority of the land owned by the federal government is in the Western states.

Obama's wilderness legacy. LDS Church challenged by Romney bid. Utah's highest ranking Obama official.

Happy Monday. President Barack Obama's wilderness legacy, so far, comes down to a couple historical sites he designated and a Bush administration deal he signed, but he's yet to tackle some environmental group's causes. That's a good thing to Rep. Rob Bishop, who says that's been his hope.

-> "I don't look at [Obama] as cautious," Bishop told The Washington Post. "I look at him as being busted." [WaPost]

Topping the news: While questions have been asked about how Mitt Romney will deal with the LDS Church, on the flip-side, how the LDS Church deals with Romney is also challenging. [Trib]

-> Matt Canham tells the story of a Mormon foreign diplomat and the highest ranking official in the Obama administration from Utah. He's had a dramatic seat during major events of recent history including 9/11 and the Arab Spring. [Trib]

Today's News: Paul Rolly introduces Zoomey, a 13 year old stand-up comedian who makes the Utah Legislature the butt of her jokes. [Trib]

-> Like many ultra-conservative legislators who did not clinch the nomination from their caucus, Bill Wright will face a challenging race against Merrill Nelson who says the representative's extreme ideas will do him in. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: @JDavola: "Promo for Paul Blart Mall Cop on TBS. Reminded me that since the #nvgop didn't work out for @CarlWimmer, he has a fall back job."

@politicalmath: "Wouldn't banning elevators battle obesity more than banning sodas? Top floor workers would be super-fit."

Happy birthday: To state Rep. Merlynn Newbold, the Charter School Association's Chris Bleak and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee GOP Staff Director Chris Campbell. And a happy belated birthday to Chris "Sully" Sullivan of Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson's office.

Opinion section: Pat Bagley's tribute to the "Click and Clack Radio Show" after the announcement of their retirement. [Trib]

-> A Trib editorial stresses that the Wisconsin election was won with corporate dollars and argues that Move to Amend is a good idea. [Trib]

-> Lt. Governor candidate Vince Rampton invokes the former governor's Scott Matheson and his father Calvin Rampton, who both sought a bi-partisan efforts to propel Utah forward, and says Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Peter Cooke will do the same. [Trib]

-> Paul Rolly relays the story of Carl Wimmer's political relationship with Chuck Warren and how it led to his embarrassing Nevada debacle. [Trib]

-> A mass transit user says if revenue is thin, lowering fares is the best way for UTA to get more riders on board. [Trib]

-> Attorney Greg Skordas thinks it's unfair for a lawyer who had to short sell his "dream home" to be further punished, but Sen. Mike Lee, who did the same thing, is looked upon with sympathy. [Trib]

-> Lee says his proposal will put the progress of the nation out of the government's hands and give it back to the people. [DNews]

-> Frank Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb talk about the implications of the Wisconsin election, who it will affect the general election and how it signals a change for public sector benefits. [DNews]

Weekend in review: An industry newsletter reveals a part of Energy Solutions may be on sale, a move that correlates with the company's slipping profits. [Trib]

-> The three year old vacant lot known as the "Sugar hole" in central Sugar House will soon see development thanks to a city loan. [Trib]

-> Historians indicate that Mormons should grow thick skins in the coming months, as scrutiny inevitable. [Trib]

-> DC Notebook: Mike Leavitt returns to the headlines and enters the world of the harsh conservative blogosphere. In other news Romney draws a blank on Chaffetz' name, after traveling around the country together. [Trib]

-> More landslides in Cedar Canyon lead to more repair costs for the Utah Transportation Commission. UDOT will have to dip into emergency funds. [Trib]

-> Romney addresses Utahns at the Grand America Hotel. [Trib] Sen. Orrin Hatch takes advantage of appearing with the presidential nominee in front of Utah voters. [DNews]

-> Salt Lake County residents are for their tax dollars going to preserving wildlife areas and hiking trails. [Trib]

2012 Watch: The Romney camp and other pounce on Obama's "doing fine" comment on the private sector. [CNN] [MSNBC] Obama clarifies his statement, that the economy is "not doing fine." [Reuters]

-> A super-PAC funded Spanish ad chides Romney for a comment about not focusing on the very poor. [CNN]

-> The GOP attacks Obama on security leaks, as the White House brushes them off as a distraction from the economy. [TheHill]

-> Gov. Scott Walker and Obama disagree with Romney's comments on the results of the Wisconsin recall vote. [TheHill]

-> At Netroots Nation, Obama breaks out the highlight reel while admitting that his 2008 slogan "Change" is hard. [CNN]

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