The view[s] from Idaho: Five Wives Vodka ...
Published: July 10, 2012 02:55PM
Updated: June 8, 2012 12:34PM
Bottles of Ogden's Own Distillery Five Wives Vodka are stocked in May at a state liquor store in Salt Lake City. After a law professor in Washington said he can't swallow Idaho'’s decision not to approve a vodka that makes a cheeky reference to polygamy and threatened a lawsuit, the state reconsidered its ban on selling the vodka. (AP Photo/Brian Skoloff, File)

So, Utah-made Five Wives Vodka will be sold in Idaho after all.

Here's what some Idaho editorialists had to say about it:

- Five Wives and Idaho: an arranged marriage - Idaho Statesman Editorial

... This is a mess, and yet it’s hard to feel much sympathy for state officials. As long as Idaho insists on running a public liquor monopoly — and rejecting, by Anderson’s estimates, some 350 brands of privately produced liquors each year — the state gets all the headaches that go with this awkward governing role. It’s a cocktail for controversy, all of the state’s concocting.

- Ban on Five Wives Vodka made no sense - Idaho Press-Tribune Editorial

So is there anyone out there — anyone at all — who was glad the Idaho State Liquor Division has banned the sale of Five Wives Vodka on the basis that it would be offensive to Mormons? Anybody?
If so, they’ve been keeping an awfully low profile. ...