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Published: July 10, 2012 02:55PM
Updated: June 8, 2012 12:10PM

Above: This one will break your heart. And mend it again.

- Save the animals: Adopting best friends in WVC - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

It all makes perfect moral sense. Why would you condemn to death animals whose only offense was to be lost, abandoned or abused by humans?
Yet that’s what many animal shelters have done. Not because the people who run these facilities are hard-hearted or immoral. Indeed, they usually are animal lovers. Rather, it was thought there was no practical alternative. But there is.
West Valley City became the latest Utah municipality to try that alternative, a no-kill animal policy, this week. Its City Council voted unanimously to form a partnership with the Best Friends Animal Society. The goal is to save the lives of 80 percent of animals who come to the shelter’s care, about 5,000 dogs and cats last year. How? Through an aggressive program of adoptions. ...


- Consumer guardian: Keep state protection as is - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

John Swallow, a Republican candidate for attorney general, has suggested that the job of protecting Utah consumers be transferred from the Department of Commerce to the attorney general. That sounds like a bureaucratic shuffle of little consequence. It’s not. It’s a really bad idea spawned by a long, nasty feud between the A.G.’s office and the Division of Consumer Protection.
That history, and the circumstances surrounding Swallow’s suggestion, is the best reason to keep consumer protection right where it is today in state government. ...

- A warning on magnets hurting children - New Orleans Times-Picyaune Editorial
Small children have been gravely injured from swallowing powerful magnets sold for use by adults, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission needs to make sure that consumers are aware of that danger. ...