Utes have predictable finishes in first year in Pac-12
Published: June 7, 2012 10:38AM
Updated: June 7, 2012 10:38AM
It's a good time to take a look at how successful Utah was in its first year in the Pac-12 now that the season is complete.
Below is a chart showing how each team did. Overall I'd say it was about what was expected.
Utah's football team got most of the attention, predictably, with its showing. The Utes did a nice job of saving the season after a rough midsection in which the team could have tanked. Utah's overtime win over Georgia Tech showed the Utes still had plenty of fight in them.
The team that did the best was the gymnastics team, which was fifth at the NCAAs and second in the Pac-12 meet. (Skiing finished second in the NCAAs but doesn't compete in the Pac-12 since it isn't a league-sponsored sport).
Other teams struggled in the 'Conference of Champions.' Check out the chart below to see how all the teams finished.

Team*Record*(Pac-12)* Reg. season finish*Pac-12 tourney

Baseball*14-42 (7-23)*11th*None

Men's basketball* 6-25 (3-15)*11*1st rd.*None

Women's basketball*16-16 (8-10)*T-7th*1st rd.

Cross country*N/A*8th*None

Football*8-5 (4-5)*T-3rd (South)*None



Soccer*10-9-1 (6-5)*5th*None

Men's swim and dive*6-6 (1-3)*N/A*5th

Women's swim and dive*6-5 (2-4)*N/A*7th

Men's tennis*13-12 (1-6)*7th*2nd Rd.

Women's tennis*12-11 (3-7)*8th*None

Track and field*N/A*N/A*10th

Volleyball*11-20 (6-16)*9th*None