The Cricket's Daily 3: A paper 'Prometheus' [video]
Published: June 20, 2012 07:54AM
Updated: June 6, 2012 09:26AM

Here's what's being talked about today in pop culture:

• The coolest thing online right this minute? A fan-made paper-animated version of the "Prometheus" trailer. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• Iconic science-fiction author Ray Bradbury, who wrote such classics as "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles," has died at the age of 91. [AP, via The Salt Lake Tribune]

• Singer/actress Miley Cyrus, 19, and "Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth, 22, are engaged after dating for three years - which will inevitably lead to a phony media storm of people asking how young is too young to marry. [E! Online]