Fire destroys mobile home in Moab
Published: June 5, 2012 08:52PM
Updated: June 5, 2012 08:52PM

A Moab mother and her child lost their trailer home in an electrical fire Tuesday morning.

The fire began about 8:15 a.m. with an “electrical short in the wall,” said Moab Fire Chief Corky Brewer.

The mother, who was in bed with her 1-year-old child, smelled smoke and got up, Brewer said. By then, the front porch was fully engulfed.

“She was lucky to get out,” he said.

The home was totally destroyed; it was not insured, and Red Cross teams are helping the family with housing.

Firefighters struggled to contain the blaze as 30 to 35 mph winds gusted through the neighborhood.

“I don’t know how we kept that whole trailer park from going down,” Brewer said.