The Cricket's Daily 3: Watching 'Piranha' at home
Published: May 31, 2012 06:56AM
Updated: May 31, 2012 06:56AM
This film image released by The Weinstein Company shows Matt Bush, left, and Danielle Panabaker are shown in a scene from "Piranha 3DD." (AP Photo/The Weinstein Company)

Here's what's happening today in pop culture:

• The exploitation thriller "Piranha 3DD," out tomorrow, will be the first 3D movie to be released online and on-demand the same day it hits theaters. So you can ignore it even earlier. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• What video is everyone watching on line this week? The first trailer for "Les Miserables," the musical. [Vulture]

• Aaron Sorkin talks about writing a screenplay about Steve Jobs: "He has to be, for me, a hero. … To put is as simply as possible, you want to write the character like they are making their case to God, why they should be let into heaven." [All Things D]