'Situation' on rehab: 'it feels like you're not gonna recover'
Published: May 23, 2012 09:22AM
Updated: May 23, 2012 09:22AM

It's been two months since "Jersey Shore" star Mike Sorrentino (a k a "The Situation") was doing rehab at Utah's Cirque Lodge, and you know what that means -- time for the tearful TV confessional.

Sorrentino sat down for his first post-rehab interview on MTV (the network that makes beaucoup bucks on his Jersey pals' exploits), and he talked about the difficulties of rehab:

"Your first day is detox, it's not a pleasurable experience at all. ... In the beginning, for sure, when I was [at the facility] in Utah, I'd wake up and just be extremely disappointed with myself. Like, 'I can't believe I got here. How did I get here?' "

Sorrentino said the hardest part was dealing with the emotions he had blocked with drugs. "I'm not gonna lie, it feels like you're not gonna recover," he said. "It feels like an impossible deed ... [but] day-by-day it gets better."