Hurrah! TBS saves "Cougar Town"
Published: May 10, 2012 12:50PM
Updated: May 10, 2012 12:52PM
In this publicity image released by ABC, Christa Miller, left and Courteney Cox are shown in a scene from the ABC comedy "Cougar Town." The ABC sitcom, a cult favorite but never a ratings blockbuster on broadcast television, will be moving to cable's TBS, the network said Thursday, May 10, 2012. TBS has ordered a fourth season of the sitcom, which was facing cancellation by ABC. New episodes are scheduled to begin airing early next year. (AP Photo/ABC, Michal Ansell)

Today's best TV news is that TBS has indeed stepped forward and saved "Cougar Town" from cancellation.

The ensemble comedy that revolves around Courteney Cox is one of the best shows most of you aren't watching. And whatever chance the show had of succeeding on ABC — which also produces it — died when Paul Lee took over as president of ABC Entertainment. He clearly doesn't like the show, which tells us something about Paul.

He preferred"Work It," the incredibly bad sitcom about cross-dressing that lasted two episodes.

TBS will produce 15 new episodes for Season 4, which will air sometime in early 2013. It also gets the rights to repeat the 61 episodes of "Cougar Town" from the first three seasons.

Creator/executive producer Bill Lawrence — who is the best friend TV critics ever had because he gives lots of interviews and is always quotable — has been surprisingly silent on this. He did mention on Twitter yesterday that "TBS regularly beats networks (except CBS) now days."

I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see some changes for Season 4, if only to trim the budget. But I'm thrilled there will be more ""Cougar Town."