News roundup: What Bob Bennett thinks Americans will soon regret
Published: May 8, 2012 07:50AM
Updated: May 8, 2012 07:50AM
Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune State Sen. Karen Morgan joined former Sen. Bob Bennett at the Hinckley Institute of Politics. File photo.

Lugar done? Hatch doesn't want to be next. Santorum endorses Romney in an email. Salazar to announce a big Utah energy project.

Happy Tuesday. Tonight, Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar, who was sworn in the same day as Sen. Orrin Hatch, will face his moment of truth, as voters decide whether the 80-year-old senator will get dumped for tea party challenger, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock. It is not looking good for Lugar.

"I don’t think they anticipated the strength of the opposition they have encountered," said Indiana University professor Leslie Lenkowsky. [Trib]

Topping the news: CIA foiled an Al-Qaeda plot to blow up a passenger jet on anniversary of Bin Laden killing. It was another underwear bomb attempt. [WaPost]

-> Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was in Southern Utah to dedicate two new conservation areas, but Sen. Mike Lee introduced a bill making future designations more difficult. [Trib] He will be in Salt Lake City today to sign off on a major natural gas project. [Reuters]

Happy Birthday: to state Rep. Kenneth Sumsion, State Sen. Mark Madsen, the U.'s Hinckley Institute Director Kirk Jowers, former state Rep. Phil Riesen and Spencer Jenkins.

Tweet of the Day: From @jpetersoninutah: "FACT: U of U Fed funds is $2.7B! = 1/6th of entire State budget! How will it be replaced when Feds cut spending?"

Inside the mind of Bob Bennett: Utah's former senator answered some interesting questions posed by Politico including what's his favorite body part (his brain) and what he would try if he couldn't fail (writing a Pulitzer Prize-wining play). But here is the one that caught our eye: What’s a common and accepted practice for Americans nowadays that you think we’ll look back on with regret? "The way we have tolerated wide disparities in the quality of our schools." [Politico]

In other news: Salt Lake City may charge people to park at meters until 10 p.m. That's right. Ten o'clock. At night. [Trib]

-> Forbes takes a look at Sen. Mike Lee's effort to spread the use of gold in commerce. [Forbes]

-> Columnist Peg McEntee slams Mitt Romney for campaigning with Bob Murray, co-owner of the Crandall Canyon coal mine, where nine men died in 2007. [Trib]

-> Robert Kirby delves into Utah's new 72-hour abortion waiting period, which goes into effect today, by suggesting a three-day wait to have sex. [Trib]

-> Utah Dems have sought all of the redistricting documents from the state Legislature. They have paid $5,000 and received one box. If they want the rest, they have to hand over another $8,000. [UtahPolicy]

-> A bunch of new laws go into effect today including the abortion wait time and the "ag-gag" bill. [DNews] [Herald]

2012 Watch: Rick Santorum endorses Romney, not at a rally or on TV, but in a long email to supporters which near the end says: "Above all else, we both agree that President Obama must be defeated." [LATimes] [NYTimes]

-> BuzzFeed revisits Mitt Romney's disorderly conduct arrest in 1981 for launching his boat when he was told not to. It was a tumultuous time. [BuzzFeed]

-> Teamsters endorse — wait for it — President Barack Obama, meaning unions aren't following through on their earlier grumbling. [Politico]

-> Romney gets criticism for not correcting a woman who said that Obama should be tried for treason. [LATimes]

-> VP Joe Biden's comments on same-sex marriage show internal rift in White House. [WaPost]

Where are they?

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