Electronic/hip-hop star Gramatik comes to Urban Lounge
Published: May 4, 2012 04:33PM
Updated: May 4, 2012 04:33PM
| photo courtesy Pretty Lights Music Electronica/hip-hop artist Gramatik performs Monday, May 7, at The Urban Lounge.

Hailing from Portoroz, Slovenia, the electronic/hip-hop artist Gramatik was making beats on a PC when he was 13 — and spreading his tracks through free file-sharing throughout the U.S. and Europe before signing to a record label that gives its stuff away for free.

Gramatik’s latest EP is called “#digitalfreedom,” and is dedicated “to the fight against severe internet censorship bills we’ve been hearing about so much in the past months. Bastards have been trying to cripple the internet on a global scale with bills like ACTA/SOPA/PIPA and I’m sure there’s more of them coming, so this one goes out for spreading awareness! Reject them all, they will never stop the sharing, the Internet is our realm, DIGITAL FREEDOM!”

Gramatik will perform Monday, May 7, at Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, Salt Lake City.

The show starts at 9 p.m., with supporting acts Griz and Steezo & Crisis.

And while Gramatik’s music is free online, tickets for the show are $15 at 24Tix.