Songs of the weekend: A trio of Keane tunes
Published: April 27, 2012 02:16PM
Updated: April 27, 2012 02:16PM

Keane's new single "Silenced By the Night" is my favorite recently-released song today. (The choice may change tomorrow, but right now I'm digging it like a grave.) In other words, as I listen to the radio on my way home, I want to gear this song.

The band will perform at The Gallivan Canter in late June, and anyone who saw them at Kingsbury Hall several years ago knows how this band makes the most beautiful pop out there. I usually like my pop raw and dirty, but this is carefully-assembled songcraft that comes close to perfection: swelling choruses and engaging lyrics. Many piano-driven bands are pianfully boring, but these guys do it right — with emotion and voice.

Since it's the weekend, here are 2 other Keane songs that will help me get through the weekend when I want some sugar:

"Stop for a Minute":