Gary Herbert meets a motorcycle racer
Published: April 27, 2012 12:00PM
Updated: April 27, 2012 05:06PM
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (right) greets motorcycle racer Chad Reed, at a photo opportunity ahead of this weekend's Monster Energy AMA Supercross event in Utah. (Photo courtesy Feld Motor Sports)

In today's installment of "Great Moments in Uncomfortable Photo Ops," we humbly submit this photo (above) of Utah Gov. Gary Herbert greeting Australian motorcycle racer Chad Reed.

The photo op marks the arrival of the Monster Energy Supercross event, happening this weekend at Miller Motor Sportspark.

"We are excited to have Monster Energy Supercross back here in the great state of Utah," Herbert said (according to Cycle News). "This is an event we look forward to hosting in Utah. There is a tremendous amount of support that goes into the event and this is just another example why Utah is the state of sport. Our sport's segment in Utah is helping our economy grow in a significant way and market Utah as being a great place to live."

Examine the stilted body language in this photo: Herbert's tight smile, the awkward angle of his arm, the complete wardrobe mismatch.

Now consider how it would have gone down if Herbert's predecessor, Jon Huntsman, was handling the meet-and-greet.

You can imagine Huntsman showing up in his leathers, with his helmet, out on the driveway in front of the Capitol, revving the engine on his motorcycle and challenging Reed to a street race.

Yeah, that would have been cool.