Chaffetz easily claims his party's nomination
Published: April 21, 2012 05:14PM
Updated: April 21, 2012 05:14PM

Rep. Jason Chaffetz claimed the GOP nomination in the 3rd Congressional District, with 74 percent of the delegate vote. He had two GOP rivals in Lynn Wardle and Brian Jenkins.

"It is a mess. It is an absolute mess in Washington, D.C.," said Chaffetz, who was first elected in 2008.

But he said he has had some successes, touting his legislation that would sell unused federal buildings and fire federal employees who are delinquent on their taxes. He noted that he sponsored the balanced budget amendment that passed in the House and touted his travels in support of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"Thank you for your support," he said. "I hope we made you proud."

-- Matt Canham