Jazz's Josh Howard shares bowling crown; discusses return to action
Published: April 20, 2012 04:06PM
Updated: April 20, 2012 04:06PM
Excerpts from an interview Friday with Jazz forward Josh Howard.

Howard on his charity bowling event Thursday in Park City: It went great. It was a great turnout. The guys had a great time, and the fans and the people who came out to support us also had a good time.

Who rolled the best game: I wanna say between myself and coach [Scott] Layden. Tyrone, coach Corbin, had a good one, too. I bowled a 159. I think coach bowled a 152. Coach Layden was a 159, too. And then the surprise of the day was Enes [Kanter]. For his first time bowling he bowled a 131. Those guys are pretty completive.

Bowling against Devin Harris: Devin made it, but I don't know what he bowled, though. I'm pretty sure I [beat him]. I don't think no player got over 159. My first round was, like, 74. But that was my first time in bowling in two years. Coach [Sidney] Lowe was pretty good, too. Everybody surprised. I wasn't expecting everybody to be there bowling like that.

Where his return is at: It's going good. Today's the first day [of practice]. I'm going to do some skeleton stuff. No contact stuff. I'm pretty sure they want me to do some kind of contact before [I play]. I just have to wait on the trainers to let me do that. Hopefully I can get out there on Monday and do that.

Still a chance he could play Tuesday against Phoenix or Thursday against Portland: Yeah, there's always a shot. … We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I can. If not, do my best to stay ready and when they call my number just get out there and do what I can do.

Brian T. Smith

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