Writer goes canyoneering in southeast Utah
Published: April 20, 2012 04:38PM
Updated: April 20, 2012 03:32PM
Writer Michael Restivo climbs up petrified sand dunes near Moab in 2012. Restivo wrote about his canyoneering trip for Seattle Backpackers Magazine. Photo courtesy Restivo.

One of the ironies of hiking is it often involves a lot of driving. You have to travel to a trail head just to get out of the car and walk.

Author Michael Restivo reminds us that hiking can require rappelling, too. Restivo visited the Moab area on a hiking and canyoneering trip and wrote about the experience on the website Seattle Backpackers Magazine.

Restivo, who also writes on his own travel blog, MikeOffTheMap, wrote with real joy about his Utah trip.

From the article:

Our gear was simple: harnesses, helmets, climbing rope, and hiking shoes. We would be executing two rappels today: The first would be a 45 foot drop down a rock wall into the canyon, and the second would be a 75 foot free rappel (essentially a rappel where I would be left dangling in mid air) off the Morning Glory arch before a hike through Negro Bill Canyon.

For those of us who don't care for hikes, there's easier ways to hike Negro Bill Canyon.

— Nate Carlisle

Twitter: @UtahHikes