Editorials: Transparency in government; Fish in Utah Lake ...
Published: April 12, 2012 09:56AM
Updated: April 12, 2012 09:56AM

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- Transparency test: Student project a good lesson - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

Transparency in government is like riding a bicycle, or playing the piano. It can be difficult at first. But with enough practice, and a little help from a good teacher, it can become routine, even effortless.
And transparency in government should be as effortless as possible, both for those who manage the more than 270 local government units in Utah, and for their citizens.
That’s the approach taken by the new Utah Transparency Project, a study, website and set of best practices thought up and fleshed out by a few students in the University of Utah honors Think Tank program. ...

- Penalties in Texas open meetings law needed to ensure compliance - Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal Editorial

- Legislative session good for open-government law - Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald Editorial


- Provo River delta: Planning a worthwhile project - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

The project to restore the Provo River delta can be summed up this way: It’s not about saving an ugly fish. It’s about restoring an ecosystem.
Nevertheless, the effort to save the endangered June sucker (the ugly fish) is driving the project. The sucker was listed as endangered in 1986, and under the Endangered Species Act, federal agencies are obliged to try to save it. An essential element of that program is to recreate a Provo River delta on the east side of Utah Lake so that larvae from fish that spawn in the river can survive to adulthood and re-enter the lake. ...

- A soaring success story - Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard Editorial

The Endangered Species Act is a law that succeeds when it isn’t needed anymore. In the case of the bald eagle, that standard of success has been met. ...

- A simple truth worth repeating: Water is scarce - Reddingg (Calif.) Record-Searchlight Editorial