A&E's Biography to air show on Warren Jeffs
Published: April 10, 2012 05:04PM
Updated: April 12, 2012 07:25AM

Biography is taking on polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs. The show is set to air next Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern, (7 p.m. Mountain) and Tuesday at 1 a.m. Eastern, (11 p.m. Mountain).

It looks to be a survey of Jeffs' life, at least since he took over as leader of the church in 2002 and possibly before. Show page here.

(Though the first line in their description of the episode doesn't look quite right: "He was the "President and Prophet, Seer and Revelator" - the highest ranking official in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints." Make that an is, not a was.)

It also sounds like they're planning to interview Amos Guiora, a University of Utah law prof and counterterrorism expert, according to this release.